Colorado Springs Foreclosure Properties

If you have been looking for the very best Colorado Springs foreclosure properties for sale that aren’t being listed on the MLS, then today you are in for a very special treat, as we are going to be reviewing the best methods to tackle these challenges in the upcoming year. We have been buying foreclosures off of homeowners in the are for below market value, and then flipping the home and turning it into an everyday cash flow rental property, bringing in $500 – $1000 per month. These various types of passive income are extremely desirable, and you should definitely get involved in this type of investing in the coming years. If you really want to discover how to unlock your full potential investing in real estate, then you should jump on our email list where we give away real estate tips to all of our subscribers over the course of the week. We have been working towards this goal for several years now, and eventually we will reach 10,000 subscribers. Once that happens, we will begin releasing our foreclosure investing video series for free one video at a time to everyone on the email list. So jump on today and join thousands of other investors who are receiving free training through their email on a day to day basis.

Smart Foreclosure Investing – Buy & Hold Vs. Fix & Flip

Now there are two main approaches when you buy a foreclosure to make money off of it, you can either buy it and hold it, meaning that you are going to rent it out to another tenant in the area for a monthly fee. Or you are going to fix it and flip it, meaning that you are going to perform all of the necessary repairs on the property to get it in excellent condition to then be sold on the local real estate market by a licensed realtor. There is often more short term profit in the fix and flip scenario, as these types of investors will generally make 15 – 30,000 profit per deal whereas a typical buy and hold strategy will only bring in roughly $500 per month. However, some investors still prefer the buy & hold scenario because this is passive income that is coming in every single month, and you don’t have to worry about finding that next house to flip in order to make any profit. You are already profiting through the monthly income that your tenants are paying you in the form of rent each month, and this helps sustain your monthly expenses, and allows you to basically live rent free in your own home, even if you are still paying a mortgage.